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“Slippage” (or the points of disjunctions): interrupted continuity of land and time; the fragility of connection; mistakes and failures.
In whatever form “slippage” takes–physical, political, or cultural–we become sensors and experience the slippage as a shifted sense of equilibrium.
In trying to regain balance, we notice, remember, observe, measure, witness, suspect, and probe. Some look at nature with inquisitive eyes; some pay attention to a subtle shift in use of language; some become activists; some bring themselves together as a community of learners.
—The artist’s note following the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster.

Ten years later, at another point of disjunction (Global Pandemic), Migiwa Orimo revisits this notion of “slippage” and creates a six-piece installation, Strangers’ Bundles: Hours of Woods. Drawing upon her daily walks during the shutdown, Orimo set her sights on our relationship to nature from a slightly diagonal direction. The result is a rumination on nature, language, voice-over, temporary alignment of disparate thoughts, and a reflection on struggles, protests, memories, and “safe distance” –both in nature and society.