portfolio > What Time is This Place, 2008 (22 images)

The site of the installation, in its previous life, was a department store. Prior to the exhibit, I had set up a clothing atelier, equipped with templates for cutting fabric, irons and other tools of the rag trade, and a big clock with time cards. Participants, who were all artists, were given simple instructions and hourly production quota to create garments.

For the exhibit, the atelier was preserved, with evidence of labor having taken place--with a video monitor showing “the workers.”

On the wall, various “Sale” signs were hung as art. These signs were painted directly over other paintings I had made in the past—the original images could be seen through in some areas. The “Sale” signs on these paintings connoted a surplus, leftover work, and a shift of intention.

Walking around racks of finished garments, with the ambient sound of a department store and shopkeepers, the visitors heard a voice repeating, “just looking, just looking…”

Studio in Situ, Site specific Installation, Art, Production and Commerce
What Time is This Place
--Just Looking