portfolio > House Visit Project, 2006-2007 (14 images)

House Visit project/Mapping is an interactive art project, where I deliver art in boxes to various private homes in my town to have one on one exhibitions and conversations.

During a gallery show, a stack of red boxes sits in front of a wall installation. Also present in the show is the large sequential hangings of the detail map of the town and a video that documents my drawing and tracing around each individual parcel. The flyers are given away to inform gallery visitors that, on request, the artist will deliver these boxes to an individual's home.

Each box contains an artwork that addresses questions about home, private and public space, and personal and collective memories. Subsequently, I visited over 25 living rooms and had conversations with their occupants. The inefficiency of distributing art in this method opens a door to show how a totally new way of interaction between an artist and viewers that is collaborative can be explored in the out side of galleries and museums.