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“The Gariban Project #1: A Device for Two extends Orimo’s investigation of layered forms of cultural communication and messaging. The installation incorporates multiple sheets of traditional Japanese “Gariban” mimeograph paper.

“Orimo was interested in incorporating this early form of mass communication in a sculptural context that invites intimate communication between two people. Onto the individual sheets of paper, the artist has inscribed images culled from medical science, geographic maps, Japanese textiles and native flowering plants.

“Standing at opposite ends, viewers’ eyes meet through a series of holes cut in the center of the individual hanging sheets, and their whispers reach the other end amplified. The pages are covered with images, yet remain un-inked, suggesting the tension between personal communication and mechanical reproduction.”

__Julia Dzwonkoski and Kye Potter
Curators, Reverse Engineers, 2004

The Gariban Project #1: A Device for Two
The Gariban Project #1: A Device for Two
Japanese “Gariban” mimeograph paper