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Reading My Phone Book
Looking at each phone number on my 30 year old address book.

•• She was always calling people to find her son’s whereabouts •• After 30years, this is still a valid number •• I call this number only when I have two hours to spare •• I don’t recognize this name •• I hardly talk to her •• He has a huge ashtray next to his phone •• I called them for an item I left in the cab •• I should find out how she is doing •• She thought she was not related to the rest of her family •• I’m afraid to call her •• His number is crossed out. No new number •• She used to sing on the phone •• I don’t think this is his current number •• She answers with her business name •• I write down talking points before calling him •• They packed everything and ran away.This is their hideaway number •• She doesn’t give this number away easily •• She always wiped her phone with Lysol •• His phone is in a room with an ocean view •• She sounds distant on the phone •• She has an island accent •• I used to hear a sound of Shamisen in the background •• Once I called this number from a train •• I always called this number when I arrived at the airport •• I called often too late to catch her •• I only know him on the phone •• He has a slight stuttering •• Her phone sits in a cubicle •• They don’t have a landline anymore •• I don’t want to bother her •• They moved to Australia •• I keep this number in several books •• Her responses to things would make me feel grounded •• I have to feel very strong to dial this number •• I was there when he made a desperate 911 call •• The ink has faded. His number is completely illegible •• This number is disconnected ••

Slippage: Fragility of Connection
Slippage: Fragility of Connection